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“Terrae d’Italia: Sapori e Piaceri by Puglia” is an innovative that aims to promote Apulien companies and products in foreign markets.

“Terrae d’Italia: Sapori e Piaceri by Puglia” works in synergy with well known events which have a large communication impact, such as Olimpic Games, International Sport events, International Institutional Summits, in order to give Apulia and Apulian companies the best visibility.

All events are very carefully selected by “Terrae d’Italia: Sapori e Piaceri by Puglia”, depending on their capability of giving added value and guaranteeing positive feedbacks for entrepreneurs who wish to participate.

“Terrae d’Italia: Sapori e Piaceri by Puglia” was created to better comprehend and satisfy all customer needs and solve any type of problem from preparation of paperwork to technical details, and any other possible activity that can ensure a pleasant stay in the foreign country chosen.

“Terrae d’Italia: Sapori e Piaceri by Puglia” helps enhance business investments throughout organized appointments and meetings with entrepreneurs and organizations of countries hosting the events, and assists customers with technical expertise in international commerce.

Choosing “Terrae d’Italia: Sapori e Piaceri by Puglia” means being sure your brand or company will be inserted in an international circuit and the promotion of your products will be presented as part of the Italian premium business system.

“Terrae d’Italia: Sapori e Piaceri by Puglia” schedules its services always in cooperation with the greatest Italian international institutional agencies.

“Terrae d’Italia: Sapori e Piaceri by Puglia” works by involving foreign countries on an effective operational basis.
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